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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / Tapping  & Workshop Testimonials 2014/2015


"Angela is a terrific EFT facilitator: I have been amazed by how quickly I have been able to get to the root of concerns that have been troubling me for years - and once uncovered, I have been equally amazed to see how easily Angela has guided me through clearing them. And you don't need to spend ages thinking about what to work on, it just comes up".



 “I have had some EFT sessions with Angela to help with my low self-esteem, depression and anxiety issues, and it can really help both 'in the moment' and I also think it has gradually helped change my way of thinking about how I approach things longer term.

Using the Tapping/EFT has helped me stay calm in several stressful situations at work, which has allowed me to remain calm and confident to communicate my thoughts and feelings well to both clients and management in a constructive manner.

Hayley, Age 24


I had EFT/Tapping sessions for chronic tension headaches and dizziness.

 “Angela made me feel really comfortable and explained clearly how EFT works and what to expect. You can feel quite exposed saying how you feel out loud, but she made sure I felt at ease and not self-conscious at all and that’s so important when trying to deal with deep-rooted emotions.

I noticed a difference in the first session – my head pain reduced significantly. The dizziness took a little longer but had subsided slightly by the end and I have used the tapping regularly since and found it really helpful in reducing both pain and dizziness. I would recommend EFT, particularly with Angela to anyone.” dealing with stress-related health problems.  

Ann, Age 25


  “I attended EFT sessions with Angela after suffering for years with depression. It was very enlightening and I came out lighter in body and soul! It really did help and I would highly recommend it and her!”



“What I have found particularly enabling about my EFT sessions with Angela, is that after only two private sessions I was able to use the technique on my own. When I hit a 'mental block' with an unavoidable issue (with a family member) over Christmas, I decided I would give EFT a try because I was at my absolute wits end. I sat down and tapped through the points Angela had shown me and talked out-loud about what was bothering me as I did it. I had to do a lot of tapping through all the points, but I just kept going. To my amazement it did work really well even on my own.  When the breakthrough suddenly came up while I was tapping, I felt so much lighter instantly. And what I learned in that session helped hugely when I then went on to deal with the issue with the family member. I will continue to use EFT and I will return to Angela to learn more - and to help me when I need it.” 



 “Emotionally really improved, I sometimes put off smoking and often don’t smoke at all.  I have observed I can put the cigarette out mid cigarette now which I could never do before.  I delay smoking a lot and feel much calmer and able to rationalize.  Overall I would say the sugar addition has improved 60% plus and continues to improve.”



I was at a really difficult point in my career and personal life, and my emotions and judgment were clouded and erratic.

“Angela is the most professional, friendly and intuitive therapist that you could possibly wish for, to carry out an amazing EFT treatment. I was at a really difficult point in my career and personal life, and my emotions and judgment were clouded and erratic. I hid it quite well and kept my head down at work, but someone suggested trying EFT/Tapping with Angela as it had worked really well for them.

I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but after only 45 minutes in the room with her, I can safely say it works. It is kind of like being shown a book with your own story in it, and having the key points highlighted to you. Angela guides you through a series of techniques to identify your true feelings, get rid of any deflections or excuses you may have been using to stop yourself from really doing what is right for you.

If it wasn’t for Angela and the help she gave me, I genuinely wouldn’t have been where I am today.

Until this day, I use the finger tapping technique amongst remembering other things she has taught me, and it keeps me on top of my game. So thank you Angela, and to all of you reading my review, it is a genuine and honest opinion of a logical, successful and driven businessman. It works and is suitable for everyone, from your child who is stressed out during their A Levels, all the way through to the CEO of a corporation. “ 



I had real OCD tendencies, often feeling nervous and anxious and feeling frightened of people.   

“During and after the EFT/Tapping sessions I immediately felt and feel more relaxed, didn’t feel anxious at all.  I was quite amazed at how quickly it worked.



Feelings of Anger and Obsessions / Aggression,

“After and during the sessions I calmed down, as a result I have let go of a few things that were worrying me.  I am also back writing and doing the creative things I love and haven’t done for a while.  Thank you Angela”



“I had allowed worries to get out of proportion and overwhelm me. I felt anxious all the time and had a heavy feeling in my chest.  With Angela’s guidance, EFT/Tapping helped me visualise the worries and accept that I was suppressing them. I found myself able to let them go and regain confidence in myself. If I find myself becoming anxious I practice EFT and it always helps.”



I was feeling really unhappy and often feeling annoyed, I wanted to hit out and was having lots of problems with my friends.

“Although I was skeptical I did feel better by the end of the session and afterwards.  I have used tapping particularly for anger issues, and it brings the anger down quickly”



I went to see Angela with depression, recreational drug addiction, anxiety, low self confidence, nervous

“I actually feel like I love myself a bit right now!”

“Feel better and more hopeful about the future and how I can handle things”



I had pain in my neck and backache, and was feeling a bit podgy.

I didn’t think the session would bring anything else up for me but it brought up some anger and sadness from the past and it was amazing how quickly Angela helped me to clear it with the tapping!



“Dear Angela, Just a quickie to say how much I enjoyed your workshop.  Thank you so much.  Hoping I will have the pleasure of seeing you again.





I absolutely loved my Reiki course, I really loved the pace Angela set for the day and enjoyed every second of it. Angela is a fantastic teacher/Reiki Master and I recommend anyone who has any interest in Reiki to book with Angela to teach you, or for an individual consultation.

I felt, and still do, feel calmer in myself and more in tune with my body and mind. I practice Reiki on friends and family, even my cat - he loves it :-)

An example is was when my sister fell off her bike when we were doing a 100mile trek in Ireland. She really hurt her back and was really concerned about being able to continue the ride, but I gave her Reiki and the next morning she literally jumped out of bed and was back on her bike feeling totally fine!



 “Previously I really did not believe that meditation or Reiki Healing would ever work for me and I had never heard of EFT/Tapping before but after meeting and spending some time with Angela I feel very differently”.


I have also attended some guided group meditations that Angela has led. I have tried lots of times to meditate on my own with little success but I genuinely felt that it worked and did me some good! In the meditation I imagined myself dragging a huge sack of letters along the beach that I had written to people that had hurt me in the past and then tipping them into the sea and watching them float away!


Angela has also given me some Reiki Healing when I was having some abdominal pain and I was amazed at how much it helped!”



Introduction To EFT/Tapping Workshops


“I really enjoyed the workshop it was very good, thank you Angela, you are an excellent and confident workshop leader”   Carolyn


“II attended the EFT Introductory Workshop, it was excellent, leaves me wanting to learn more”  Jo


“The workshop was very good.  Angela was very friendly and welcoming, I immediately felt at ease and that it was a confidential and safe place to talk”  Diane


“I rated the workshop overall as excellent!  It was interactive but at no time did I feel pressured to join in which was good.  It was great, I really liked the part about Limiting Beliefs” 



“The workshop was very interesting, nothing to improve!  I thought it was excellent.  Angela was very clear and explained it well to start with. “



“I found the workshop very interesting and I liked that we got to chat and get to know Angela beforehand whilst having coffee.  I am interested in attending other workshops.”  Patricia


“The workshop was excellent and I would like to hear about other events Angela is running and one2one sessions.  I have used EFT for driving anxiety and it really works “




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